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Our Sun God

[Admin] Viixy aMember posted Jul 29, 17

Today, our wonderful sun god turns 25! If you see him around please wish him a happy birthday! Here are some gifts to the sun god on his special day: 

RavenMoon42 Newbie Thank you heaps guys, you made a little Angel smile so much <3

mikasa8 Member i miss it :/ i had work
CakeyCaden Member The Drop Party is on my birthday, it better be a good Drop Party Ivo!

Minor Updates

[Admin] Qpeety aMember posted Jul 7, 17

...btw we're now on 1.12 :3

----- 1.12 is HERE!! -----

New Plugins!!

1.) Tired of killing players just to show off your new weapon? Use [i] in replace to show off your items!

For example: Hey look at my new [i]. --> Display --> 'Hey look at my new <Fairy Ring Sword>.

2.) 80% of SlimeFun electricity is BACK. 

Restrictions on #3:

Each player can only have 2 machines of each type. This applies per claim!

You cannot "buy" people slots --> Asking another player for the 2 

Don't get creative to try and bend this restriction. Qpeety asked the owner very kindly for this feature to return.

We will remove if it caused trouble like last time.

Jobs Changes

1.) [Alchemist] Added mcmmo alchemy to job payment

2.) [Baker] Adjusted a few job output prices. Added crafting cake to job.

3.) [Pyrotech] Added Tnt to job.

4.) [Farmer] Breeding and Killing payment 0% decreased.

5.) [Hunter] Added killing wither, irongolem, guardian, and pig zombie to job payment.

6.) [Digger] Increased all income x2.

7.) [Miner] Added hardclay and stainedclay to the job.

Economy Changes

Pumpkin - 1.00

Melon Slice - 0.22

Nether Stalk - 1.0

Carrot - 0.30

Potato - 0.30

Beetroot - 1.7

Sugarcane - 0.50

[Mod] Malusi Member I hear no comments about parrots -.- Qpeety likes her parrots, Mary, I suspect you to make a parrot army and kill everyo...
juniperrrr Newbie rip pumpkins 2K17
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