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Build Your Own Summer!

[Admin] Viixy aMember posted Jun 13, 17

Prizes For Survival

1st Place: $500k, 2 event items, 1 dawn item

2nd Place: $300k, 1 event item, 1 dawn item

3rd Place: $100k, 2 dawn items

Prizes For Skyblock

1st Place: $5k, 40 points, 2 event items

2nd Place: $3k, 20 points, 2 event items

3rd Place: $1k, 10 points, 1 event item

**Prizes are per team not per individual in a team**

- Every winner will recieve a Summer Crate Token

-Every winner will have their build display in survival/skyblock

[Mod] Malusi Member Whoo Hooooo! Prizes are `to die for` ^-^
nickfinn Newbie What if I did it in survival?! XD
Sir_Odin Member Awesome!

A Letter of apology....

[Admin] Qpeety aMember
Qpeety @ DH - Survival
posted May 2, 17

The past few weeks have been a struggle for the server. There were ups and downs. Thank you everyone for being patient with us and continuing to support the server.


This weekend, SAT-SUN May 6-7th, Dawn Haven will be hosting a

1.5x Mcmmo multiplier xp event

on the Survival and Skyblock server.


Be well for those who are sick, and study hard for those who have exams. See everyone ingame!

Klingberg Member I hope everyone was able to benefit this weekend!
[Helper] Donblue22 Newbie #thestruggleisreal

Easter Event!

[Admin] Qpeety aMember
Qpeety @ DH - Survival
posted Apr 14, 17

Dacleos: "I'm glad to announce the winners of our short Design an Easter Egg competition that took place yesterday! All 3 winning eggs, as well as a lot of runners ups are featured in the upcoming Easter Event area, along with other secrets too ;).Thank you to all who took part, and happy easter!"

Redeem your prizes with an Admin.

[Helper] LemonsDesired Newbie Congrats to all, those are fabulous eggs


[Admin] Qpeety aMember
Qpeety @ DH - Survival
posted Apr 6, 17

Daimond_Fox Newbie Its Cute <3
mikasa8 Member :/ i miss it damn
[Helper] LemonsDesired Newbie Seems great, Can't wait!

2x Vote Points

[Owner] Arcaleus aMember posted Apr 2, 17

Hey guys,

There was a little blip in our host machine earlier today. No major problems but voting points did reset sadly.

Because of this, we decided to host a double vote point event to help everyone get their points back up!

Additionally, you will receive lots of bonus points if you vote 12 times, and even more at 42 times,

by April 17.

Get voting and rake in those points!

peapears Newbie Yeah, I lost 293 points which really sucks..
KGsauce Newbie Well that sucks I had a lot of points too
burnt_chicken07 Member Some players also lost their balances to what I've seen. I lost my claim block as well, but I haven't seen any...
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