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Spooky Scary Scarecrows~

By [EventMgr] TheMoodyFox aMember - Posted Oct 17, 17

T'was two weeks before Halloween and all through the patch,
Crows were stirring and squaking while having a quick snack.
They poked and they prodded the pumpkins without care,
Destroying  jack-o-lanterns for the festivities this year. . .
I need your help to protect my pumpkins!
Build me a scarecrow to protect the patch,
it could earn you and a partner some 
cool prizes!
On the Creative server go to

/warp scarecrow
and ask a staff member to give you a plot.
Taken plots will be outlined in netherbrick.
Free plots are outlined in wood.
There are only 36 plots. First come first serve!
Oct. 18 ~ Oct. 25

1st Place: Your choice of a Zombie or Skeleton Horse
~A myserious new Halloween item~
60 Points
2nd Place: Your choice of a Zombie or Skeleton Horse
Your choice of any Dawn Item
40 Points
3rd Place: Your choice of a Zombie or Skeleton Horse
20 Points
20k In game money
*Changes may occur*
*Skyblock prizes are the same with minimal changes

Qpeety will be in charge of those prizes*

1. You can work solo or in pairs. Only one plot per person!
2. If you are working in pairs, you BOTH need to do work.
One player can't do all the work or it's grounds for disqualification
3. The command /hdb is available to all players, use it freely.
4. Schematica is allowed ONLY for the purpose of copying a part
of your build to paste elsewhere.
5. Schematics from PMC, other players, or any other source besides
ones own imagination are not allowed.
6. All regular server rules apply.

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