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No announcements precede it, no paper notices on downtown posts
and billboards, no mentions or advertisements in local newspapers.
It is simply there, when yesterday it was not."

You arrive at /warp circus surrounded by tall black and white tents,
freshly carved jack-o-lanterns and the crisp chill of night.
Down the path you find a towering ferris wheel full of hanging carts
which look out over the area and catch glimpses of occasional fireworks.
Across from the ferris wheel is the circus' traveling zoo. A myriad 
of creatures from around the world with a few who are located in
various other places. Two of the residents are Patrick, the magma cube
at /warp patrick 
who can grow to incredible sizes with love
from players and 
the carousel of rideable spiders at /warp ride.
The circus' most notable tents are the 2 very large tri-peaked big
tops. In one, you find has been converted to fit a paint ball arena at 
at /warp pb and the other has become home to one of the 
traveling  zoo's more dangerous creatures, Gloomy the wither. 
Speaking of dangerous creatures on the circus grounds, there seems

to be a crazed cultist in the crypts of the cemetary. The managers are
saying that if anyone can collect 10 tokens from each they can
win a mystery prize! You can find them at 
/warp gloomy and /warp cultist.
Lastly, are huge scarecrows built by talented artists and small
tent shops that sell various items and even Halloween masks for only 20k!

Side note from the editor: Hey guys, TheMoodyFox (aka Hannah) here.
I want to start off with an appology for dropping the ball on halloween/fall this year.
I try not to, but it seems to happen each year no matter how far in advance I plan.
Life happens to all of us. Hopefully the small thing I could get scrapped together for this
year is enough to keep ya'll happy and excited for the fall season!
The drop party will be this week AFTER halloween (so probably wednesday evening for americans)

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