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By [Admin] TheMoodyFox aMember - Posted Jan 17, 18

Hi guys!
Just wanted to do a quick announcement for those who don't have us on discord:

Survival is back up and running!
There were a few small hiccups along the way but
we got to our destination. The new spawn is here!
Over the next few days there will be edits to it and
an update to shops as we know them!
For those wondering "What about Midnight Market
and Solar Emproium??"

Well... we got rid of them. We didn't see a point in haveing
such elitist shops on a server with a heavy player shop
economy and they became obsoleate.
There will be rank updates comming to those who have 
Solar and Obsidian ranks as well as anyone who bought
the shop access passes in the past.
We Hope everyone enjoys the new spawn/shop!

For all new additons we will be sure you guys
know straight away!

Edit: We need to do a map reset for the END and the NETHER
on survial If you have a home there please let us know and
we can save a schematic for them and past them back in the new map.
This will happen on Sunday the 21st so please let us know asap!

2nd Edit: As I mentioned above, we've done an overhaul
to shops without negating player shops due

to the removal of the Emporium and Market. Because everything
is now and open shop we did A LOT of buy and sell price updates
including sell hand. Qpeety took the time to make a lovely post
breaking down the new sell hand prices, if anyone has comments or
questions then be sure to comment in her post!
Click here for the link to the forum post!

Join us on Discord!

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